These pages are maintained as a historical record of the former GINX.


AS numbers of GINX peers

GINX's route server operates on a private-use AS number of 65000. GINX peers can use either a private-use AS allocated to them by GINX's operators, or a properly registered AS number assigned to them by AfriNIC or its nominee.

Each peer at the exchange point is assigned four IP addresses which they may use for peering sessions. These IP addresses will be in a contiguous /30, but are expected to operate on the network. By convention, peering sites are expected to use the second IP address in their allocation for their first BGP peer, the third for their second, the first for their third and the fourth for their fourth.

GINX reserves for operations use, and assigns peer addresses from the range. Peering sessions should be established with the route server at

peerAS numberGINX IP spaceports
Rhodes University37520 / 65001 / 65008192.42.99.224/301, 2
Grahamstown Foundation65002192.42.99.228/305
Albany Schools Network65003192.42.99.232/309
Imaginet Internet Services65004192.42.99.236/3013
Oracle Information Technology Services65005192.42.99.240/3017
IT Solutions65006192.42.99.244/3021
South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity65007192.42.99.248/303

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